With the lightest wheelchair wheels in the world everyone starts smiling!
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Magnesium Wheels are the lightest wheelchair wheels in the world!
Featherweight champion of the world
Our wheelchair wheels are available in many colors
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Our magnesium wheelchair wheels are the lightest and strongest in the world and are extremely durable!
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Ultra-light wheelchair wheels

Find out about the revolutionary new wheelchair wheels that are lighter than ever! We have collaborated with Dutch Paralympic medallist Sharon Walraven to develop the lightest wheelchair wheels in the world, made out of magnesium.

Extremely lightweight

The extremely lightweight Magnesium Wheels significantly reduce the total weight of a wheelchair. The 24" wheels weigh just 525 grams per wheel (not including hand rim and tyre). This lightweight makes the use of the wheelchair less intensive and therefore it puts less of a strain on the muscles of the wheelchair user.

Various colours

Magnesium Wheels are available in the following colours:

  • Orange (metallic)
  • Blue (metallic)
  • Green (metallic)
  • Purple (metallic)
  • Black
  • White

Magnesium Wheels can also be produced in other colours on request. Ask us about your options!

Comfortable Grip Coating

The hand rims have a specially developed grip coating that stays cooler than rubber. And without the usual rubber covers, the hand rims are also lighter. Every gram counts!