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Sharon Walraven: the lightest wheelchair wheels

Paralympic medallist Sharon Walraven says, ‘As a top athlete, I am constantly looking for the best resources to improve my performance. Together with Mg Wheels, I developed these unique lightweight magnesium wheels which assist me on and off the field!

I am always going somewhere in my wheelchair, whether it is to training, tournaments, or visiting friends and family. Every time I lift these lightweight wheels into the car, I feel a sense of relief – The wheels are so light that it doesn't take any effort at all to lift them up.’

Sharon Walraven has been a wheelchair tennis player since 1994. She travels across the world for six months of the year. While this goes hand in hand with a pretty busy schedule that requires a lot of discipline, with a clear goal in sight she is able to motivate herself again each day.

‘I have been playing in my light magnesium wheelchair since 2013. As a wheelchair tennis player, I am able to accelerate quicker and am more manoeuvrable thanks to the addition of my new light Magnesium Wheels.'

Photo of Sharon Walraven in her wheelchair with magnesium wheels

Visit Sharon's website for more information about her, her programme, and results at sharonwalraven.nl (available in Dutch only)

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