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Marco Hopp

A review from the Meyra tester. He tested these wheels for a period of two months.
MEYRA is one of the world’s best known and most successful manufacturers of wheelchairs and suppliers of rehabilitation aids. We move people.

Marco Hopp

Here is what I noticed when testing the Magnesium Wheels.
  • They are light as a feather (I almost threw them out of the other side of the car when loading them) – a true ultralight wheel.
  • The spokes create an amazing visual effect; they're a real eye-catcher. I really like them!
  • The hand rims with the light grip were very comfortable. You are also always able to control and manoeuvre the wheelchair easily.
  • They are an optical and technical improvement to every Hurricane wheelchair (aside from certain sports models), especially in terms of the overall weight of the wheelchair.
  • The Magnesium Wheels have very good rolling properties.
  • The wheelchair combines good ride comfort with high stability.
  • There was nothing negative!

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