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Gwen van Rosmalen

‘More freedom thanks to Magnesium Wheels’

Gwen was left with a complete lower spinal injury resulting in paraplegia following an accident caused by a negligent lorry driver. Her life has changed completely since this incident.

A difficult time

“I used to be very independent and moved around a lot. But this changed completely after my accident. Just having to go anywhere required a lot of organization and my life was completely turned upside down. ...

But I'm not somebody to just throw in the towel and give up. After this dark period I had to establish new goals for myself and handcycling became one of them. In 2012, I climbed Col du Galibier in France once again, followed by a few other climbs. But unfortunately I then became impeded by a shoulder injury.”

A light-weight wheelchair

“The injured tendon in my shoulder even affected my everyday life. But, since spring I've had a new light-weight wheelchair with the amazing light-weight wheelchair wheels from Magnesium Wheels. Thanks to the Magnesium Wheels I am no longer hindered by my shoulder injury. Magnesium Wheels are incredibly light and it costs no effort at all to put them on the back seat. Now, the total weight of my wheelchair is only 6kg."

The perfect wheels for the active wheelchair user

I am willing to bet that each and every active wheelchair user will be amazed once they get their hands on these wheelchair wheels. I definitely highly recommend them. They have given me my freedom back and I am able to go wherever I please without having to depend on others. It is a wonderful feeling to have!

Gwen van Rosmalen
Life won’t wait

Gwen van Rosmalen has more freedom in her wheelchair thanks to Magnesium Wheels-wheelchair wheels

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