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Comparison of Spinergy wheelchair wheels and Magnesium Wheels

Spinergy wheelchair wheels are particularly popular due to their distinguishing appearance.
In 2015 Magnesium Wheels introduced a wheelchair wheel which is visually distinctive from other wheels. In addition, the wheelchair wheel is also lighter, stronger, and more durable!
The Magnesium Wheel is the result of extensive development and testing by professionals from various markets and people from the wheelchair world. Read one of the reviews written by a professional using Magnesium Wheels and let yourself be persuaded by them.

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Spinergy v Magnesium Wheels wheelchair wheels

 Magnesium WheelsTopolinoSpinergySpinergy
  Carbon Core WX2.5SPOX EverydayX-Laced Lite Extreme "XLX" FLEXRIM
Weight per pair
(excl. push rim)
1.080 gram 1.126 gram1.420 gram1.370 gram
MaterialMagnesium rim and aluminium push rimAluminium rim and carbon hub and spokesAluminiumAluminium
Load-bearing capacity130 kg114 kgunknownunknown
Recommended retail price
(Excluding add-ons)
€ 895,-€ 1,200,-± $ 695,-± $ 1,320,-
Head officeVenlo, the NetherlandsBethel, CT, USAUSAUSA

Experiences with Magnesium Wheels and Spinergy wheels

Spinergy is a well-known brand in the wheelchair wheels market and many users have considerably positive experiences with Spinergy wheels. The experiences of Magnesium Wheels users significantly exceed these! As seen in the outline above, Magnesium Wheels offer many advantages when compared to the Spinergy wheelchair wheels. Not only are they lighter, but they are also much cheaper than comparable Spinergy models and those of other brands. There are also other distinguishing features which work to Magnesium Wheels' advantage when compared to Topolino, Spinergy, etc. For instance, compare the stiffness of the wheel and the durability of the materials.

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Compare other brands: X-Core, Decon, and Golz

X-Core, Decon, and Golz offer good-quality wheelchair wheels, based on different techniques and materials. Particularly in terms of wheel weight, Magnesium Wheels are superior to X-Core, Decon, or Golz.

 Magnesium WheelsX CoreDeconGolz
Weight per pair
(excl. push rim)
1.080 gram 1.900 gram (incl. push rim)1.950 gram1.600 gram
MaterialMagnesium rimsCarbonMagnesium spokes, hub and rim, titanium push rimAluminium rim and hub with thermoplastic fibre spokes
Load bearing capacity130 kg   
Recommended retail price
(Excluding add-ons)
± € 895,-± € 850± € 500± € 725
Head officeVenlo, the NetherlandsWarsaw, IN, USAHyltebruk, SwedenLangenberg, Germany

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